Wisdom Tooth Removal

illustration of a Wisdom Tooth

Our wisdom tooth removal services help patients to avoid health problems with impacted wisdom teeth. We provide the removal of third molars or “wisdom teeth” in a friendly, comfortable setting, and we’ll walk you through every step of the removal process, letting you know the options that you have for this procedure.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Third molars or wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop. These teeth often come in when a person is 17-25 years old, a teenager or a young adult.

So wisdom teeth are a natural part of growing up. The problem is that when there’s not room for a wisdom tooth in the mouth, impacted teeth can cause infection, damage to tooth roots, decay, periodontal disease and other types of health problems. If a wisdom tooth can’t erupt from the gumline into the mouth, your dental health can be compromised.

Over time, the dental industry has become better at evaluating, treating and removing wisdom teeth along with a comprehensive look at dental and orthodontic health and what is sustainable for a patient. Now, patients have some options in how they choose to deal with wisdom tooth removal, in terms of anesthesia.

Evaluating Patients for Wisdom Tooth Removal

When providing wisdom tooth removal, Dr. Sunny Kim will look at the patient’s overall medical condition, the root development of the tooth, the level of impaction and how the wisdom tooth is positioned compared to other teeth in the mouth. We will provide careful consultation to help patients understand what to expect throughout the process, and in recovery. We’ll help the patient choose from several types of anesthesia – including:

  • Local
  • Intravenous (IV)
  • General

Recovery doesn’t normally take very long, but on the same day, we recommend the patient having a ride home and following certain recovery home care practices to keep dry sockets or other health problems from occurring. After the surgery, the patient will often need some form of pain medication just for a day or so. It’s important that we know about all of the drugs you are taking and any known allergies in order to avoid drug interactions or allergic reactions to medications. Soft foods are advisable for a while; Dr. Sonny Kim, DMD, will explain everything to you based on your own health history and medication regimen.

Don’t worry about wisdom teeth! Come in and see us and get a plan in place to deal with your emerging wisdom teeth to prevent dangerous impaction.

Overwhelmingly positive experience

I have been a patient at Dr. Kim’s practice since 2015 and have had an overwhelmingly positive experience to date. Dr. Kim and the staff are courteous, genuine, and professional. After having neglected my teeth for a few years, Dr. Kim provided several fillings and two crowns on my teeth. During the procedure Dr. Kim took numerous photos and extensive documentation. Dr. Kim explained multiple times that this was necessary when insurance companies decided to deny claims. A few months later, as dental providers do, my claim was denied as unnecessary, and they suggested that I should have first attempted a filling. While I am not a dentist, the tooth appeared barely intact after the plaque removal, and I am quite certain that Dr. Kim made the right choice. Helen, one of Dr. Kim’s staff members called me when my claim was denied and informed me that they were challenging the insurance companies decision with additional documentation and a write up. Additionally, I was assured over voicemail that under no circumstance would I pay anything more than I already had paid in the office (which was the amount I would have paid assuming my insurance gave coverage). After 3 or 4 repeated submissions by my provider, the insurance eventually caved and paid the bill. All of this based on two factors: the thoroughness of Dr. Kim’s documentation, and the insistence of Dr. Kim and his staff (Helen in particular) that my insurance provider pay their dues instead of myself. Additionally, at my last visit I mentioned I was getting married in the near future to Helen. She informed me that the practice provides a complimentary teeth bleaching to one of the parties! In summary it is hard to differentiate one dental practice from another, because quite frankly, teeth are teeth and we all want them to just work, it is easy to differentiate good people from predatory people. In a time where dental insurance providers seem quite predatory (at quite a penalty to the wallet!), I am glad to have a strong advocate in my dental provider. Dr. Kim and his practice are good people. I think good people deserve some degree of a shout out and that is why I am writing this review on my Friday night!

Jesse A., McLean, VA