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Dr. Sonny Kim at Advanced Family Dentistry

Dr. Sonny Kim

Dr. Sonny Kim received his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Virginia, and went on to complete his dental studies at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

After graduation, Dr. Kim went on to complete his residency at the U.S. Air Force Residency Program at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. During his residency, he learned from specialists in prosthodontics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery and other specialties, giving him a wide and comprehensive education in the various fields of dentistry. Following residency, Dr. Kim was stationed at Osan Air Base in Korea, then Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

In 1996, Dr. Kim opened his own private practice with his wife and office manager, Helen Kim. He passionately continues to study advanced methods of dentistry and dental treatments in order to provide the highest-quality services to his patients.

Outside of the office, Dr. Kim enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. The family shares a deep passion for soccer, and both of his daughters have played for local teams since they were 5 years old. Dr. Kim has also been a soccer coach for his daughters and the community, and continues to be active in the 50+ league. Their favorite pastimes are cheering for FC Barcelona, fishing, and hiking.

Memberships and Continued Education

Dr. Kim strives to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques in dental implant placement, attending seminars and courses in the following organizations:

dental associations sonny kim dmd

Dr. Kim also maintains memberships in the following organizations and associations:

dental associations sonny kim dmd

Team at Advanced Family Dentistry

  • Helen Kim, Office Manager
  • Maria Silva, Dental Hygienist
  • Christy Oseth, Dental Hygienist
  • Jasmin Pearson, Dental Assistant
  • Amy Demissie, Dental Assistant
  • Gina Martinez, Dental Assistant

I highly recommend Dr Kim.

My family has been seeing Dr. Kim, and his staff since at least 2008. His staff is loyal and Helen, his wife is the office manager. They are friendly and welcoming at each visit. Helen and I have exchanged book recommendations and children’s stories over the years and I always enjoy seeing her even if I am dreading the dental procedure that awaits me. I highly recommend Dr Kim and his office for any dental needs. I have had many teeth replaced and several root canals. Dr. Kim prides himself in learning new technology and providing his patients with the continued benefits that advancing dentistry has to offer. He continues to enjoy learning in his chosen profession and is constantly moving his practice forward with the newest technologies. I have not only seen this but benefited over the years between procedures. My youngest son, Eric had his wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Kim. My oldest son had the procedure done by an oral surgeon at much greater cost and greater discomfort. Eric’s wisdom teeth were removed by Dr. Kim in the summer of 2015, and he presented less swelling and pain then my older son’s did four years prior.

Carrie Sawicki