Post Dental Implant Surgery Instructions

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Dental implant surgery really helps to restore the mouth, but it also requires some significant recovery. After a dental implant procedure, it’s important to take it easy and pay attention to doctors instructions, in order to get the most out of your dental implants and benefit from a speedy recovery.

Home Care After Dental Implant Surgery

Directly after the surgery, it’s important to rest and refrain from strenuous activities. A lot of activity could increase your chances of experiencing side effects like nausea or dizziness from medications, or can elevate the blood pressure, which could compromise healing.

You may want to apply ice packs or hot and cold therapy to the side of the face where surgery was performed. Also, in general, you’ll want to wear a full or partial prosthesis as directed after the implant surgery, and only remove it for cleaning according to a doctor’s orders.

Side Effects After Dental Implants

Patients may experience swelling or bruising – depending on the type of anesthesia, they may also get dizzy or nauseous. It’s normal to feel a bit weak or worn down after a procedure. That’s another reason to take it easy and rest.

Diet and Precautions

After dental implant procedures, we recommend limiting your diet to soft foods such as:

  • Oatmeal
  • Applesauce
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Cottage cheese
  • Jell-O

Smokers, please take a break! – smoking can dry out the mouth and hurt the natural recovery process. In general, procedures like this are a great opportunity to delay smoking for even more time, and try to minimize smoking in general, to prevent significant health problems including dental health issues. To really get the most out of restorative treatment, you’ll want to give the implants a clean, comfortable space to assimilate into the gums.

We also recommend that patients avoid using straws.

Take all medications as prescribed, and call us if there are any concerns or issues post-surgery. Good follow-up is essential – we’ll often check in with you, but we want to know if you experience fever, excessive bruising or swelling, or any other concerning signs. Notifying doctors immediately can help to fix any post-surgery complications that might occur.

Overwhelmingly positive experience

I have been a patient at Dr. Kim’s practice since 2015 and have had an overwhelmingly positive experience to date. Dr. Kim and the staff are courteous, genuine, and professional. After having neglected my teeth for a few years, Dr. Kim provided several fillings and two crowns on my teeth. During the procedure Dr. Kim took numerous photos and extensive documentation. Dr. Kim explained multiple times that this was necessary when insurance companies decided to deny claims. A few months later, as dental providers do, my claim was denied as unnecessary, and they suggested that I should have first attempted a filling. While I am not a dentist, the tooth appeared barely intact after the plaque removal, and I am quite certain that Dr. Kim made the right choice. Helen, one of Dr. Kim’s staff members called me when my claim was denied and informed me that they were challenging the insurance companies decision with additional documentation and a write up. Additionally, I was assured over voicemail that under no circumstance would I pay anything more than I already had paid in the office (which was the amount I would have paid assuming my insurance gave coverage). After 3 or 4 repeated submissions by my provider, the insurance eventually caved and paid the bill. All of this based on two factors: the thoroughness of Dr. Kim’s documentation, and the insistence of Dr. Kim and his staff (Helen in particular) that my insurance provider pay their dues instead of myself. Additionally, at my last visit I mentioned I was getting married in the near future to Helen. She informed me that the practice provides a complimentary teeth bleaching to one of the parties! In summary it is hard to differentiate one dental practice from another, because quite frankly, teeth are teeth and we all want them to just work, it is easy to differentiate good people from predatory people. In a time where dental insurance providers seem quite predatory (at quite a penalty to the wallet!), I am glad to have a strong advocate in my dental provider. Dr. Kim and his practice are good people. I think good people deserve some degree of a shout out and that is why I am writing this review on my Friday night!

Jesse A., McLean, VA