Exposure of Impacted Teeth

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In some cases, a dental professional will expose an impacted tooth and bond it to an orthodontic bracket, in order to help teeth grow in the right way. If you’re having this type of procedure, Dr. Kim will consult you on it what to expect and answer any questions you may have about why it’s done, as well as risks and advantages and any potential side effects.

Here’s a little bit more about what to expect after you have been in for an exposure and bonding procedure. It helps to understand the context of the procedure when thinking about recovery and how to handle post-surgical instructions.

Home Care After Exposure and Bonding

After this type of procedure, keep an eye on the gauze or cotton rolls that were provided to the site area. Treat the site carefully and avoid hard or crunchy foods, as well extremely hot foods and liquids. Patients will want to stick to a soft diet for at least 24 hours after the procedure, and it’s important to drink plenty of liquids in order to stay hydrated. Good hydration aids the body in healing and helps the mouth to recover from this type of procedure.

In terms of mouthwash, is it’s important to avoid commercial products for up to a week and rinse with saltwater three times a day. Dr. Kim will explain the benefits of this procedure after having an exposure and bonding surgery and go over the details of how this type of home care works.

Lifestyle Changes

As with any type of procedure, home care is important. Patients will need to maintain good oral hygiene in order to help keep teeth healthy and avoid smoking.


In many cases, patients can get by with just non-narcotic pain medications. Take all of these as prescribed with the instructions of a doctor and pharmacist. Narcotic pain medication may be prescribed as necessary. If you’ve been prescribed an antibiotic, take the full course of antibiotic as prescribed.

Here are some things to look for after an exposure and bonding surgery. Call Dr. Kim’s office if the elastic chain or bracket that was put in place becomes loose or comes off of the tooth. Any signs of infection or fever are also a reason to call for follow-up. We have a doctor available at all hours so be sure to call with any possible complications.

I highly recommend Dr Kim.

My family has been seeing Dr. Kim, and his staff since at least 2008. His staff is loyal and Helen, his wife is the office manager. They are friendly and welcoming at each visit. Helen and I have exchanged book recommendations and children’s stories over the years and I always enjoy seeing her even if I am dreading the dental procedure that awaits me. I highly recommend Dr Kim and his office for any dental needs. I have had many teeth replaced and several root canals. Dr. Kim prides himself in learning new technology and providing his patients with the continued benefits that advancing dentistry has to offer. He continues to enjoy learning in his chosen profession and is constantly moving his practice forward with the newest technologies. I have not only seen this but benefited over the years between procedures. My youngest son, Eric had his wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Kim. My oldest son had the procedure done by an oral surgeon at much greater cost and greater discomfort. Eric’s wisdom teeth were removed by Dr. Kim in the summer of 2015, and he presented less swelling and pain then my older son’s did four years prior.

Carrie Sawicki