Choosing the Right Implant Provider

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Choosing to move forward with dental implants is just the beginning of your journey. Now you must choose an implant provider. But don’t choose any dentist, pick a provider who is skilled and knowledgeable about dental implants.

Here are some helpful considerations when making your selection:


Since the dental implant procedure requires several visits, you will most likely want to select a specialist near where you live.


Your implant specialist should be able to thoroughly describe the process, including costs, and answer any questions you may have. Take a look at their office environment as well to see if you are comfortable there. Are the office staff pleasant and courteous? Do you leave feeling more knowledgeable and confident about your implant treatment plan?


Choose a dentist who specializes in dental implants, and ask about their experience, modern techniques, education, and history providing implants for patients. Look at reviews.


Ask your provider these questions:

  • How do you stay up to date with the latest developments in the implant field?
  • What associations or fellowships are you affiliated with?
  • How many implants have you successfully placed over the years?
  • How long do your dental implants last?
  • Does your dental practice accept my dental insurance and is this procedure covered?


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Not only is Dr. Kim thorough and professional so is the staff

First of all, not only is Dr. Kim thorough and professional so is the staff. I started my dental implant procedure and so far the experience has been phenomenal! Not only did I heal in the timeframe that Dr. Kim anticipated but it healed without any problems…no pain or better yet, no infection. The dental assistants and the office manager made sure I took my antibiotics by following up with me. And to make sure how I was doing after the procedure. Stage two of my dental implant is scheduled in 3 months. I would highly recommend Dr. Sonny Kim.

Cecilia L., Centreville, VA