Causes and Cures for Bad Breath


Causes and Cures for Bad Breath
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Causes and Cures for Bad Breath

Having bad breath is not a great way to leave a good impression, or a favorable way to be remembered. Many people are self-conscious about their breath, but you don’t have to be. There might be a simple cause and an easy cure for bad breath, also known as halitosis.
Here are some causes and cures that might help.

Cause: Leftover Food Particles

When you eat, food can become trapped between teeth. The odor occurs when bacteria takes over to help break down these particles and aid in digestion.
Cure:To rid yourself of this type of bad breath, be sure to brush twice a day for at least two minutes at a time. Floss daily to clear out any particles lodged between teeth and rinse with a mouth wash.

Cause: Certain Foods

Certain foods are known for causing bad breath, with garlic, onions and coffee being among the top offenders. When you eat these, their smell remains potent for a period of time.
Cure:Don’t give up these foods you love; instead, counter their effects on your breath. Chew sugar-free gum, drink plenty of water, and brush and floss daily.

Cause: Diets

One of the hallmarks of the Keto diet is a certain odor on the breath. This is a chemical reaction when ketones are produced during the fat-burning stage of ketosis. Low-carb diets can also cause bad breath.
Cure:The only way to fix this symptom is to change your diet. You can help modify its effect by drinking plenty of water and chewing sugarless gum.

Cause: Dry Mouth

When you mouth is dry, or you are dehydrated, your breath can take on an unpleasant odor. This means you are not producing enough saliva with its helpful bacteria to wash away the food debris.
Cure:Drink lots of water

Cause: Medications

Certain medications can dry out your mouth. Common offenders include antihistamines, antidepressants, sedatives, decongestants, and some antipsychotics. Certain vitamins can also have an adverse effect on your breath.
Cure:Drink plenty of water

Cause: Smoking

When someone smokes, you can smell it immediately on their breath and their clothing. Even other tobacco products, like smokeless tobacco can leave a lingering and unpleasant scent that can’t be washed away. Tobacco also leaves a residue on your teeth, mouth and lungs that cannot be washed away by water, brushing, mouthwashes or saliva.
Cure:Giving up smoking is the only way to clear this type of bad breath.

Do You Have Questions or Think You Have Bad Breath?  Let Advanced Family Dentistry Investigate.

If you have bad breath, we can check into the cause. As dental professionals, the dentists at Advanced Family Dentistry has seen it all and can not only identify the cause, we can suggest a remedy that can help reduce or eliminate your bad breath.

One of the reasons to visit your family dentist regularly is to undergo a professional cleaning and examination. We will scrub away any film or debris that remains on your teeth to give you a bright and shiny smile and fresher breath. We’ll also investigate to see if there are any underlying issues such as cavities, gum disease that could also be causing your breath to be sour. 

When you need a family dentist in the Reston, VA area, contact Advanced Family Dentistry. We offer full-service dental and dental surgery services for everyone in your family.

Dr. Sonny Kim is a Diplomat of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), the highest education level for general dentists in this field.

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