Are You a Candidate for Implants?

We find that many of our patients at Advanced Family Dentistry are excellent candidates for dental implants. We’ll explore what makes a good candidate, and some of the reasons why implants may not be recommended.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

One or More Missing Teeth

Patients who are missing teeth, or must lose teeth because of injury, breakage or periodontal disease are often recommended for dental implants. We generally advise patients not to remove healthy teeth to replace them with implants as the implants work together with your natural teeth to provide support.

Sufficient Jawbone and Gum Support

We must ensure that there is enough bone in the jawbone to support a dental implant, and can do that through an examination and x-rays. Having a good foundation with improve the chances that your implant will be successful.

Overall Good Health

Patients often lose teeth through tooth decay and periodontal disease. With a healthy mouth and good overall general health, you become a good candidate for a dental implant.

An Understanding of the Implant Process

A dental implant is not a one-visit fix. Patients must understand that it can take weeks or even months to complete the process of implantation and sufficient healing.

What Makes a Less-Than-Ideal Candidate?

Smoking and Heavy Alcohol Use

A healthy bloodflow is necessary for the jawbone to recover and heal from a dental implant placement. Tobacco and alcohol contain properties that can greatly hinder the healing process for your dental implants. They can also cause dry mouth.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Grinding is hard on your natural teeth as well as on implants. While this won’t disqualify you for treatment, we will recommend that you invest in a night guard to protect your teeth while you sleep.


We advise women who are pregnant to postpone dental surgery until after their baby is born. We are happy to schedule treatment for a later date.


Children and young teens are advised not to receive dental implants as their bodies are still developing. If you child has lost an adult tooth, consult with us to seek other potential solutions.

Certain Medical Conditions

The dental implant process may not be safe for patients who have medical conditions such as immunodeficiency disorders or anemia. We will ask for your medical history on your first visit. You may want to ask your doctor whether he recommends for or against getting a dental implant.

Ask Us Whether You are a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

We don’t want to discourage anyone from inquiring about a dental implant, whether they feel they fit the qualifications or not. Please ask us and we’ll offer our professional assessment as to whether dental implants are right for you or not.

Saves me valuable time

I went to Dr. Kim last week to have a root canal. My current dentist only did cleaning and recommended that I go to a specialist to get a root canal. This was an inconvenience since I had to search for a specialist and take time off work for another appointment. The professional office staff scheduled me within a week and also got me started on the antibiotics – which helped me with my tooth pain and infections. I also liked the fact that Dr. Kim performed all facets of dentistry – from routine cleaning to root canal – one stop shop. I was nervous about the pain but I must say that after Dr, Kim explained to me the procedure, I felt I could trust his skills and judgement. I trusted him to the point that I actually fell asleep during the procedure (totally embarrassing). Except for the novocaine, I did not feel pain during and after the root canal. Even after the day of the procedure, I felt normal (gone was the throbbing pain I had felt for about a month). I also liked the high tech office equipments, professionalism of the office staff and their personal touch of the phone call the next day to make sure I was fine. I would highly recommend Dr, Kim to all patients looking to get any dental work. No more need to go to multiple specialists – that saves me valuable time!!

Candace G.